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Biri is located in Northern Samar on the northernmost tip. To the North east is the Pacific and Northwest the San Bernardino Strait. The island is 2,462 hectares in size with over 60% given over to agriculture.

Biri Island is famous for its beautiful rock formations. Famous philippine film director Chino Rono so fell in love with the formations while filming on location he decided to build a vacation home on the island.

The surrounding waters are pollution free and crystal clear in large part due to the lack of heavy industry as well as the care with which the inhabitants treat their home.

In the past dynamite was used for fishing damaging many coral reefs.

In response the local government invested heavily in educating fisherman on sustainable fishing practices and continues to invest in rebuilding damaged reefs through a coastal environmental protection program.

The island is also home to vast tracks of mangroves that are under management by a reforestation program.

The Philippines is a country blessed with over 7,000 islands. Biri Island is one of the islands that has somehow managed to stand still in the face of time. An almost total lack of commercialization and a kind and open people let you see the true culture of the Filipino. One of the many charms of this beautiful island are the lack of major roads. Most traffic is bicycles or small motorbikes with and without sidecars.

You can reach Biri by boat from the port of Lavezares which you can reach a variety of ways depending on your schedule and budget. When you arrive you will be welcomed with smiles and open hearts as the locals share with you their culture through a variety of events, festivals and celebrations throughout the year.

Scenic Spots

Biri takes pride in its many natural scenic spots, foremost of which are the magnificent rock formations of Magasang and Bel-at. Two massive stones, each standing three stories high. Beautifully carved over millenia by the wind and waves.

Another equally massive rock formation leading into a cavern underneath can be found in Bel-at. The cavern lays host to tens of thousands of bats.

About Biri
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