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Biri Rock Formations will take your breath away with their unspoiled natural beauty

Biri Rock Formations are all reached in less than 15 minutes from your base at the Biri Resort and Dive Center. Formed by the wind and tides from the mighty Pacific Ocean over millions of years a visit to any of the rock formations is like stepping into another world. The main Biri Rock Formations can be divided into 2 distinct areas both on the Eastern Pacific coast, Magasang which lies to the North East of Biri town, and Bel-at further to the South. Both are easy to access and view although a visit at low tide allows the best access.

Biri Rock Formations consist of Mafasang which is to the northeast of Biri Town and consists of two main formations offshore from an area of mangrove re-forestation and often deserted beach

Rent a motor bike from the Biri Resort and Dive Center or book a Habel Habel through the resort staff. Take the only road east out of Biri Town through the rice fields to the Barangay of Progress and turn left. Simply follow the paved road along the coast and the rock formations will come into view within minutes. Park at the end of the road and you will find yourself on a deserted beach opposite the formations. A raised walkway will take you part way to the rocks and a further short wade through the water will bring you onto the rocks themselves. Explore to your hearts content.

Biri rock formation known as Bel-at is just as easily reached by turning right at the Barangay of Progress and parking at the start of the mangrove walkway.

Access to Bel-at is an event in itself and consists of a walk along a raised walkway through a pristine natural mangrove forest. As you stroll along the walkway expect to see a multi colored cabs in shades of reds and blues along with other fish and marine life. At the end of the walkway you can veer left and wander through rock pools and smaller rock formations or continue on a sandy path which will bring you to an awesome natural swimming pool nestled between the main rock formations themselves. You can access the main formations by following the left side of the pool.

In addition to the 2 main Biri rock formations, a 30-minute walk north along the coast from Biri Resort and Dive Center will bring you to another deserted beach.

Again best visited at low tide you can stroll through a maze of smaller but none the less just as awesome rock formations in ankle deep water inside the reef. With a multitude of rock pools you can spend hours viewing the marine life or just exploring the unique rock formations this beautiful area of Biri has to offer.

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