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Experience the ultimate swim and dive adventure with gentle giant whale sharks and oceanic manta rays, you can join our tour partners at Donsol to complete your dive tour.
Giant Whale Sharks

This breath taking sight and activity can only be believed at close hand, another great wonder of the world.

Whale Shark

These gentle giants arrive from as early as November but the official season starts from February and runs until end of May, where the sea of Donsol is at its clearest and calmest.

Local tourism officials and professional divers have established guidelines on proper whale shark watching intended to maintain safety and to defend the creatures from over exploitation.
Explore the spectacular Manta Bowl
MANTA BOWL is the Manta Ray capital of the Philippines, the habitat of the world’s biggest ray.

Ticao Pass has one of the world’s highest concentration of plankton due to the strong currents from San Bernardino Strait. These currents push large groups of plankton and other organisms to gather in the area, making this an ideal cleaning and feeding station for the Manta Ray. The Pass is the deep sea “big-boys-alley” which also attracts Whale Sharks, Hammerheads, Thresher Sharks, and other pelagics.

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Our dive packages start from as little as Php 1000.00 for a beach dive incl. equipment.

Boat Dives start out at only Php 1400.00.

Planning on an extended stay?
Avail of our 6, 10, 15 and 20 dive packages and save as much as 25%.


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